Cleverfy Chest Wrinkle Pads – Decollette Pad for Chest Wrinkles – 100% Medical Grade Silicone Anti Wrinkle Chest Pads – 1 Pack

Cleverfy Chest Wrinkle Pads – Decollette Pad for Chest Wrinkles – 100% Medical Grade Silicone Anti Wrinkle Chest Pads – 1 Pack
Cleverfy Chest Wrinkle Pads – Decollette Pad for Chest Wrinkles - 100% Medical Grade Silicone Anti Wrinkle Chest Pads – 1 Pack

  • 🛌🏻 REDUCE WRINKLES WHILE YOU SLEEP: Imagine if you could reduce décolleté wrinkles with a silicone skin while you sleep. Well, women, skincare experts and even skeptics now agree you can. And while we can’t speak for other chest masks that slip and irritate, we can say the Cleverfy Chest Pad with its unique SilicoFix Design and Hypoallergenic Silicone is the clever wrinkle pad you were looking for.
  • 💪 A FIRM HOLD ALL NIGHT: It’s the SilicoFix Design that makes Cleverfy so loved. Notice this chest mask is not heart or tear drop shaped. Instead it is T-Shape, known as the “hold tight, all night” shape. We then added our extra-firm adhesive, for beauty pads that hold strong. In fact, it’ll hold on for up to 15 uses it’s 100% Washable and Reusable.
  • 🔬 SILICONE SCIENCE: Whether it’s from UV, side sleeping, or toxins; dry, wrinkled, crepey skin is damaged skin. Collagen, Elastin and Moisture Attractants are depleted – creating those dry, rough, patchy lines. It’s well documented that silicone pads are used in burns treatment to encourage hydration and renewal, and it is this same science that has been discovered to renew the damaged decolletage.
  • 😡 NO IRRITATION: We use medical clear silicone, the same medicated silicone used in hospitals worldwide. So of course it’s 100% Hypoallergenic and naturally accepted by dermatologists. As soon as your wrinkle reducer arrives feel how thick and smooth it is – just like a “second skin”, right? That’s how you know you’re holding a premium grade Skin Pad, designed to truly heal skin, and soften lines.
  • 💲 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We expect the Cleverfy Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad with it’s SilicoFix Design to last up to 15 uses. Many brands say 30-Days – but the truth is, even the strongest medical adhesive doesn’t last that long, and we’d rather “stick” to the facts Love the feeling of plump, soft youthful skin again, and the noticeable reduction in wrinkles or we’ll refund every cent, guaranteed. You deserve smooth, beautiful skin too, so why not order now.

Obviously, not all Decollette Pads are created equal. But when you hold the thick, soft “second skin” from Cleverfy in your hand you’ll realize why it’s remarkable for wrinkles, and in fact, clever!

The Wrinkle Patches With the T-Shaped Hold and SilicoFix Grip!

… Eliminates Chest Wrinkles While You Sleep!

Unlike many beauty wrinkle pads, that use flimsy silicon or cause irritation, not to mention a weak grip that falls off your skin, this thick, flexible patch out-performs any wrinkle remover every single day!

Take for example, the T-Shaped Hold.

It was created with a woman’s shape in mind. Because we studied the anatomy of side sleeping, and how our cleavage affects the hold, we were able to find the best Silicone flex, density and shape, and combine it with our Strong Adhesive Grip. This creates a better hold, less slipping, and naturally brings more moisture to crepey, lined skin for healing and smoothing.

Of course, you’re using this on a very sensitive place, so we did our homework there too. If you’re like most women you’ll appreciate keeping your chest free from irritation and rashes. So as you can see, we’ve used FDA Approved, Hypoallergenic Medical Silicone that won’t irritate, while being extra kind to your delicate, damaged skin. And we’ve used the softest “second skin” on the market (… feel it, you’ll see).

And because you like things reusable, you’ll enjoy knowing your anti wrinkle pad is washable, and able to last up to 15 times!. But more importantly, get your full 15 uses, or we’ll refund every cent.

Imagine how great you’ll feel knowing that those chest wrinkles are about to be replaced by smooth, plump, dewy skin when you finally try the (very clever) Cleverfy Chest Pads For Wrinkles. Order Now.